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2017 - 2018



We have re-elected our school council members and we are super excited to continue to build links with the local community. 

Once a month we will be visiting the following three places: 

-Clervaux Nursery: The children will read stories to the nursery children during small group time. 

-Jarrow Park: The children will be planting, litter picking and other fun things.

-Needham Court Care Home: The residents will be teaching the children how to knit and the children will teach the residents how to use the IPad, play games and many other things!


We will also have regular meetings to discuss how we can make the school an even better place!



The school council members for 2017-2018 are:


Y3M: Emily

I want to be school council because I will make the school be a better place, help the elderlies to do stuff and I would love to read to the nursery boys and girls. 

Y3H: Grace

I like being school council because it is very fun and I like helping people. 

Y4W: Kai 

I am looking forward to going to the nursery to read with the children. 

Y4G: Kaiden

I am very good at reading to younger people. I will make the school a good and tidy place.

Y5W: Josh


Y5T: Chloe


Y5M: Rhys


Y6W: Erin

Hi, I'm Erin. I am so thankful for being a member of the school council. I think I can make the school great and I think I will represent the school very well on the trips to the nursery, old peoples home and the park. 

Y6T: Alex

Hi! I am Alex. The thing I'm most looking forward to is going to the park and planting plants and helping people and raising money! :) I think I will really enjoy teaching people in the care home to use the I-Pads.

Y6M: Kai 

Nursery (reading with the children)