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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
Value in Everyone

Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Picture 1 Mrs McBeth Headteacher
Picture 2 Mr Taggart, Deputy Head and Year 6 Class Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Thurkettle, Administrative Lead
Picture 4 Miss Hutchison, Office Administrator
Picture 5 Miss Foreman, Attendance and Safeguarding Lead
Picture 6 Mrs Peacock, Reception Class Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs Watson, Reception Class Teacher
Picture 8 Mrs Webster, Year 1 Class Teacher
Picture 9 Miss Turnbull, Year 1 Class Teacher
Picture 10 Miss Elcoate, Year 2 Class Teacher
Picture 11 Miss Schofield, Year 2 Class Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs Holt, Year 3 Class Teacher
Picture 13 Miss McGuire, Year 3 Class Teacher
Picture 14 Miss Glen, Year 4 Class Teacher
Picture 15 Mrs Wilson, Year 4 Class Teacher
Picture 16 Miss Richardson, Class Teacher
Picture 17 Miss Morgan, Year 5/6 Teacher
Picture 18 Mrs Watson, Year 5/6 Class Teacher & SENCO
Picture 19 Miss Ball, Teaching Assistant, Reception
Picture 20 Miss Shutt, Teaching Assistant, Reception
Picture 21 Mrs Frampton, HLTA Year 1 Class
Picture 22 Mrs Wainwright, Teaching Assistant, Year 1
Picture 23 Mrs Davis, Teaching Assistant, Year 2
Picture 24 Miss Barnett, Teaching Assistant, Year 2
Picture 25 Mrs Herron, HLTA, Year 3
Picture 26 Mrs Atkinson, Teaching Assistant, Year 4
Picture 27 Miss Doran, Teaching Assistant, Year 5/6
Picture 28 Miss Wilcox,HLTA Year 5/6
Picture 29 Mrs Robinson, HLTA Year 5/6
Picture 30 Mrs Malloy, Senior Midday Supervisory Assistant
Picture 31 Mrs Costello, Midday Supervisory Assistant
Picture 32 Mrs Dobson, Midday Supervisory Assistant
Picture 33 Mrs Whiting, Midday Supervisory Assistant
Picture 34 Ms Hughes, Midday Supervisory Assistant
Picture 35 Mrs Keerie, Midday Supervisory Assistant
Picture 36 Mrs Fittis, School Cook
Picture 37 Mrs Lake, Kitchen Assistant
Picture 38 Mrs Arthur, Kitchen Assistant
Picture 39 Mrs McStravick, Kitchen Assistant
Picture 40 Mr Wilson, Caretaker