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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Value in Everyone’
Value in Everyone

2016 - 2017

Hi,  my name is Dylon and I have just become a school council member. I like the responsibility of helping people and the possibility of doing things for charity.


Hi, my name is Billy! I like being school council because I like coming to meetings and discussing ideas from other children in my class. 


Hello, my name is Emma, I have just been voted in to be a member of the school council. I wanted to be school council because I want to be kind and helpful and I am looking forward to doing lots of things for the school and for charity. 


Hi, my name is Alex. I am really happy about my friends voting for me to be in the school council. I am looking forward to going to all of the meetings.


Hi, my name is Ben, I want to raise money for the school to make it an ever better place whilst I am a member.


Hello, my name is Jessica. I am so grateful to my friends in my class voting for me. I am very excited to be a part of all of the meetings this year and listening to any ideas to change different things in the school. 


Hi, my name is Ramsey. I'm so excited to be a member of school council. I would love to raise money for my school. 


Hello, my name is Mikaela. I am excited because I am a member of the school council and I am going to try my best and work as a team to make sure everyone is heard.