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Asian Noodles

Asian Noodles!

Asian Noodles



-Noodles (fresh or dried)   -Mushrooms     -Peppers    -3-4 spring onions     -Pak choi
-2 onions    -Oil    -Coriander    -Lazy garlic, ginger and chilli    -Salt and pepper
-Chilli flakes (if you like it spicy)   -Lemongrass    -1 Chilli (only if you want to)
-80-100ml soy sauce    -50ml sweet teriyaki       -3tbsp of sweet chilli 
-2 big squeezes of golden syrup/honey


What you need to do:

Note: if you have dried noodles, before you start step 1, begin by boiling water and cook/boil the noodles until cooked (follow the instructions on the packet). If you have fresh noodles like mine (see video), start straight away on step 1.

  1. Get your large pan or wok and add some oil, 1tsp of lazy garlic and 1tsp of lazy ginger. If you like it spicy, you could add ½ tsp of lazy chilli.
  2. Chop up all of the ingredients that needs to be chopped: 2 onions, pepper(s), mushrooms, 3 spring onions, bottom part of the pak choi, spring onions, 1 big handful of coriander, lemongrass (see video) and chilli (if you like it extra spicy).
  3. Turn the heat on, onto a medium heat (I usually put the hob on 4) and add in the onions, peppers, lemongrass, chilli and ½ of your chopped-up coriander (the other half will be used towards the end of the cooking, alongside the spring onions).
  4. Give the pan a good mix so that all of the herbs and spices blend together. Cook of the onions and peppers for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Now add the mushrooms and pak choi to the pan. Give it another good mix and cook for a further 5 minutes.
  6. Turn the heat onto 1/really low or you can completely turn it off whilst you make the sauce.
  7. In a jug, add 80-100ml of soy sauce, around 50ml of sweet teriyaki sauce, 2 big squeezes or 3-4 tbsps of golden syrup/honey, 2 grinds of pepper, ½ tsp of lazy garlic, ¾ tsp lazy ginger and if you want even more heat (warning it will be spicy if you do), add in ½ teaspoon of lazy chilli.
  8. Give your sauce a mix to make sure the honey hasn’t stuck at the bottom and keep the jug to one side.
  9. If you had dried noodles, at this point, they should be cooked by now. Once they are cooked, drain off the water and give them a rinse with cold water. If you have fresh noodles, get them out of the packet.
  10. Add your noodles to the pan of cooked veg.
  11. Turn the heat back up onto a medium heat (3-4) and mix up your noodles and veg.
  12. Soon after, pour in the sauce/marinade. Note: there won’t actually be much ‘sauce’ (if any), once it has cooked through because the noodles will soak up all of the fluids.
  13. Give it a good mix.
  14. At this point, you might want to turn the heat back off and allow the sauce to marinade into the noodles for up to an hour before finishing off the dish, or you could continue cooking the noodles.
  15. Cook for a further 5-10 minutes on a medium heat and mix it regularly so that the noodles don’t stick to the bottom of the pan.
  16. Just before you turn off the heat completely, add in the ½ coriander and the spring onions that you chopped before. This will give it a fresh flavour with a bite!
  17. Finally, serve up!


Bon Appetit!