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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Living and Learning’
Value in Everyone

Year 3/4


What a way to start a year having a dragon break into our school premises! Not only did it break-in to our school to devour the food from our kitchen but it also used our playground to lay eggs! Luckily, they did not hatch and they were removed safely by Professor Wood. We wrote newspaper reports to recount events, after examining the evidence. We also created some beautiful pieces of poetry using the text 'Tell Me A Dragon'.
We also launched our topic: The Terrible Tudors and what a great way to launch it by having the pleasure of having The History Bloke visit our school, where he brought along many artefacts to explore. We even had a go at using a quill to write and played a game of merelles! We also looked at the cause and effect of The Battle of Bosworth. 


We started off the month by taking part in a Yoga Mindfulness session which was very relaxing. In English, we continued write some creative poetry based on abstract nouns and synonyms of colours to up-level our vocabulary. As well as, writing a setting description using powerful vocabulary. In History, we continued to explore artefacts from the Museum and began to look at Henry VIII and what impact he had: The English Reformation and the dissolution of the monastery. In French, we learnt about the key phrases to hold a basic conversation. 


In History, we continued to look at Henry VIII and why he kept on marrying so many wives! In English, we focused on the work of William Shakespeare looking at 'Macbeth' where we have developed our understanding of direct speech and the characterisation of characters using the technique 'show don't tell'. In art, we completed our clay dragon eyes, using crossing and hatching and the slip, score and blend technique. In Science, we have been learning about teeth and the digestive system.  We carried out a great investigation to find out which liquid would be the most suitable for a Tudor to clean their teeth with.  We placed eggs into different liquids - eggs because the shell is the closest thing to enamel.  We observed the changes over a week and concluded that milk and water would be the most suitable as the enamel (egg shell) was undamaged.