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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Value in Everyone’
Value in Everyone


KidSafe UK

KidSafe is a multi-level program which specialises in child protection/safeguarding at an age appropriate level (see below).The philosophy at Kidsafe is to make children more aware of the dangers they face without destroying their sense of adventure. The best approach is to make learning about safety fun and this is done at an age appropriate level with the use of KS the puppet. 


To keep parents/carers fully informed, prior to delivering the sessions, a letter is sent out to all parents/carers inviting them into school to speak to one of our trained members of staff regarding the content and delivery of the session and to view resources. In addition, weekly letters will be sent home to encourage communication between children and parents/carers. 

Below are the list of programmes and their content overview. If you wish to see each session in more depth, contact the school and we will show you a hardcopy of each lesson/session.

FULL PROGRAMME 1 (Years 1-6)

There are six sessions in total;
-Building trust and feelings;
-Bullying (saying no) and trusted adults;
-Computer/internet safety-age ratings;
-Keeping private places safe and rules;
- Parent/carers arguing;

- A full course recap to reinforce the KidSafe message.


FULL PROGRAMME 2 (For Year 2, 3 and 4 only)

There are eleven sessions in total:

-Re-cap of first KidSafe programme; rules for keeping private places safe; what gives children yukky feelings; trusting intuition;

-Death of a pet, bereavement; difference;

-Bullying and how it makes us feel; difference;

-Trust; not having a trusted grown-up; being bullied online;

-Emotional impact of and harm resulting from exposure to violent films and games; defining peer pressure;

-Choices; what constitutes cyber bullying;

-Peer pressure, why it’s hard to say no to friends;

-Anger, what is it and how to deal with it in a positive way;

-Recognising and controlling angry feelings, defining mental health and emotional wellbeing;

-Parents and carers arguing; how it makes children feel; children’s evaluation of the programme;

-Recap; not keeping yukky secrets; full FP2 evaluation with children.




-Yukky feelings: Sad, scared and worried;

-Bullying & introducing trusted grown-ups within school;

-Voice & naming of trusted grown ups;

-Computer/internet safety, age ratings;

-How arguing makes us feel and Evaluation;

-Recap evaluation.

In action: