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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Value in Everyone’
Value in Everyone

Year 2

In September, Year Two were introduced to our autumn topic 'All About Africa' by using their self-made passports to take a flight with Jarrow Cross Airlines to fly to Africa. We went to Flamingo Land to see all of the African animals up close and watched the sea-lions perform tricks.  We read Handa's Surprise and produced lots of descriptive writing and tasted all of the exotic, African fruits that were in the story. 
In October, we read Meerkat Mail and learnt how to use commas in a list.  We then focused on the features of non-fiction texts, such as sub-heading, glossary, captions etc, then produced own fact files about an African Animal.  We also had Judo and Tennis coaches come in to school to teach us about the sports.  
In November, we became poop detectives and examined some African animals' poo!  The children had to identify whether the poo belonged to a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore by using clues.  As part of anti-bullying week, we visited the cinema to watch Ferdinand.  It was a great film with a lovely message about being kind to others and being proud to be unique.    
In December, we carried out work around Nelson Mandela. We researched how he changed history, we sang 'Free Nelson Mandela' and took part in discussions based on his most powerful quotes. Collectively, they created a fantastic piece of art! The children took a lot from this topic and were in awe of just how inspirational Nelson Mandela was! In literacy, we thought about what we would do if we were trapped in a snow globe and wrote stories.
In January, our topic in maths was money. We learnt about coins and notes, receiving/giving out change and different ways to make the same amount of money. We also launched our topic 'Glorious Garden' and have carried out a range of experiments linking with growth and change/development of plants. We have created some beautiful artwork: using water colours, paint and oil pastels. Every Monday we have received first aid training from Tumbles and Grumbles; we have learnt how to help ourselves and others in an emergency but fingers crossed we won't ever need to!

In February, we read 'Bonkers About Beetroot' and we became reporters where we wrote amazing newspaper reports. To link with this, in art, we explored painting with beetroot and what great fun it was! We learnt a song to help us with our knowledge of word class: . 

In Science, we learnt about the life cycle of a bulb & seed and we designed our own life cycle wheels. In RE, we looked at the story of Hanukkah and carried out drama activities: some of us had play the despicable King Antiochus! On the lead up to World Book Day, we went to Jarrow Hub and met a very talented illustrator: Liz Million. She taught us how to draw a breakdancing leopard and a nasty wolf!

In March, we have looked closely at Vincent Van Gogh: his life as an impressionist and his artwork. We have then recreated some of his most well-known work: Starry Night, Sunflowers and his chairs through the use of oil pastels, crayons and watercolours. As part of out ICT, we went on a bug hunt around the school grounds to help us collect data that we need to use to successfully present our data in different ways. In Science, our topic is:healthy eating. From this, we have explored the food pyramid/food groups, created our own balanced pack lunches and took part in a cookery session creating balanced meals/snacks- yum!
In April, our literacy based text was Dougal The Deep Sea Diver and we thoroughly enjoyed this book. We created some outstanding newspaper reports and have learnt some cool facts about deep sea divers. In Geography, we have learnt about the continents and oceans and we are now experts at identifying the layers of the ocean (check us out)! As part of RE, we have been learning about Pentecost and created our very own doves made from paper plates. 

In May, we visited Safety Works. We took part in five interactive scenarios which explored the risks linked with water/seaside, fires (house and BBQ), stranger danger, sunstroke and dogs. After the trip, we rounded the day off with a picnic on the school field and devoured some ice lollies-yum! As part of our materials topic in Science, we carried out an experiment to establish what material would be the most effective for a parasol.

In June,  Rock Steady visited our school and we transformed into rock stars! We got to try out different instruments and sang along to Shot Gun. Here is the link to see us in action: . We went to Souter Lighthouse to learn about the history of lighthouses. We even walked to the very top of the lighthouse-what a lovely view it was! We even got to go inside of a life boat and discussed the process of saving somebody who is in danger at sea. In literacy, we have been reading The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and we made 'chicken sarnies' and taste tested a range of nice and not so nice sandwich fillings whilst being blindfolded. This was to help us gain inspiration prior to writing a set of instructions on how to make a disgusting sandwich. 

In July, some of the children visited Marine Park and went on an outdoor adventure, using maps to find treasure, whilst the other children carried out gumboot dancing in their wellies! They also took part in the jelly baby parenthood challenge where they had to look after their baby. They had to name it, create a birth certificate for it, share its likes and dislikes and care for all of its needs all day. At play time, they were given the option to take it out with them or to take up our baby sitting service. At the end of the day, the children were given the option to continue to care for it or to eat it!