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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Value in Everyone’
Value in Everyone


Election Day:


On February 2nd and after the children had presented their speeches, we used our school hall to hold our election. Everyone in Y1-Y6 voted for who they believed would be an excellent representative for our school council. 

Meet our school council: 


The votes had been counted and our new school council members are: 

Year 1 = Stan and Kaia- Rose;

Year 2 = Poppy and Theo;

Year 3/4 = Esme, Faith and Theo;

Year 5 = Max, Maddie and Remi;

Year 6 = Brooke and Jacob.



Our first school council meeting was held today where each member fed back suggestions they had been given from their peers. We then organised which suggestions we could act upon and which ones were unlikely to be achieved. From this, the school council came up with innovative ways we could plan and implement some of the suggestions to put forward to Mrs McBeth.