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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Value in Everyone’
Value in Everyone


This year, we held a formal election to establish who our representives are for this academic year. After an assembly had taken place, children were given the opportunity to prepare for their class speech. Once the candidates presented their speech, all children entered the hall to cast their votes. The elected council members were announced within our celebration worship.

Election day:

School Council members are responsible for:

Contributing towards pupil voice;

Building upon the previous work carried out by previous school council representatives;

Strengthening our school further;
Developing links with our community;

Raising awareness of topics within school.


Meet our representatives:


Amelia (Y3);

Ella (Y3);

Jessica (Y4/5);

Daniel (Y4/5);

Emma (Y4/5);

Harriet (Y6);

Pippa (Y6). 




In October, we attended Needham Court Care Home and played card bingo with the residents. Some of our members took park in the Starryland Elections at South Shields Town Hall, where they voted for the appropriate candidate to lead Starryland.
In November, school council members helped analyse childrens' work surrounding Anti-bullying week. Together, they looked at the work KS1 carried out in relation to 'Dealing with conflict outside and on the yard', where they had to come up with a strategy fitting with the key words: Stop, Tell and Explain. They analysed all of the completed templates, took the key information from them to create a final document that will be displayed in the KS1 classrooms as a reminder.
They then followed the same process, in relation to the work carried out by Year three, focusing on 'Dealing with conflict on the yard' but with a focus on the Three R's: Respond, Reinforce and Respond. This template will also be shared and displayed with all KS2 children as a formal strategy, when dealing with conflict.