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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Value in Everyone’
Value in Everyone

Year 1


In April, we studied toys from the past and present.  We looked at the Royal family tree and discussed which toys they would have played with growing up depending on their age.  To build on our knowledge, we went on an exciting trip to the Discovery Museum in Newcastle where we enjoyed travelling on the metro, exploring the museum, going on an old toy treasure hunt and even making our very own Victorian toy! 


In Science, we started to learn about light.  We understand that darkness is the absence of light and we enjoyed experimenting with different light sources as well as creating shadow puppets. In English, we read the story Lost in the Toy Museum and made up actions to help us to remember the key parts of the story which we then adapted to create our very own version of the story!




In March we became scientists when we investigated what would be the best material to keep our ice trolls nice and cool.  We decided it would be tin foil as it kept the cool in and the heat out! We also did some fantastic non fiction writing all about toys from the past which we have been studying over the past few weeks. Look at our beautiful handwriting!   We also sorted which toys we think different members of the royal family would have played with and why.  We soon realised a lot of modern day toys are made of plastic. 


In Design and Technology we built on our knowledge of moving parts to design and make a windmill based on our favourite character.  Aren't they fabulous?  It was soon Easter where we joined some of our parents to go on an exciting trail around the school to learn about the different parts of the Easter story.  Some of us even got our feet washed - yuck! 


In February we watched our teachers turn water into wine (juice) to learn about one of Jesus' miracles.  We also studied the parts of moving vehicles including an axle, axle holder, wheel and chassis and then went on to design and make one of our own!  In English, as part of our class text, Toys in Space, we planned a special party for one of the characters, Hoctopize.  We even wrote invitations and made party decorations, it was so much fun. 



Welcome to a new school year! We have began our new year by introducing a new artist called Romero Britto.  We have learnt lots of interesting facts about him, looked at his varied styles and pieces of art and have even designed our very own masterpiece inspired by him!  We continued the creativity and took advantage of the snow by writing out very own wintery snow poem (we also had lots of fun playing in it to inspire us too!)




In December Year 1 enjoyed all the Christmas activities, especially our Nativity. We used what we have learned about seasons to make a calendar and used our design and technology skills to make a slider on our Christmas cards. We learned about why we give presents at Christmas time and gifted our puppets to someone in our family. We also thoroughly enjoyed our party where, we had a very exciting visitor.


In November we were learning all about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot.  We also spoke about firework safety and designed posters informing people on how to keep animals safe on the night (did you spot any outside our school?).  We then studied Remembrance Day where we discussed why the day was so special, traditions followed on Remembrance Day and why the poppy is used as a symbol- we even made some of our own out of black and red tissue paper. 


In English we started to read the Gruffalo which many of the children were familiar with and loved.  We then designed our very own 'frightful friend' monster and used adjectives to describe them in full sentences. In Design and Technology we designed and made our very own hand puppets! We stitched the fabric together using a needle and thread and decorated it using various different crafts.  How great do they look?



In October, to link in with our R.E topic, we visited St Peter's church.  We had a tour and we used our knowledge to locate its main features.  The lovely people there told us all about the history of the church and answered questions we had prepared.  After that, we had a lovely walk back to school where we completed an Autumn trail.  We found lots of signs of Autumn including conkers, different Autumnal leaves  and even 'spotted' lots of ladybirds! 


In maths we ordered numbers to ten using the greater than, less than and equal to symbols as well as learning our ten times table.  In our music lessons we tried a range of different instruments and played them to the beat of the music. 


In September, the children settled into their new routines and environment in year 1.  We began the term by reading a whole school book called The Barnabus Project where the children designed their own reject animal and created a fantastic piece of art work and described where they would escape to if they were kept in a glass jar, like the animals in the book. 


We then moved on to reading The Gingerbread Man where we came up with actions to help us remember the key parts of the story and also followed / wrote our own instructions to make tasty Gingerbread Men - Yum!


In topic, we began our Being British topic by learning the countries and capitals of the United Kingdom with a little help from a catchy song!  We also became scientists when we investigated and observed the changes in a pine cone's appearance depending on the weather.  An action packed first month!