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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Value in Everyone’
Value in Everyone


Each year, we elect our School Council members (ranging from Year 3-6). 


These children are responsible for:

-Developing community links (working in and communicating)
-Working with their classes to discuss developments (developing the outdoor activity choices)
-Feeding back relevant information after School Council meetings to the rest of the school
-Help lead whole school worships (e.g.raising awareness of helping refugees: EMTRAS)
-Attend visits to the town hall for various events (Starryland Elections, Super Safety Bullying events)


Being a member of the School Council allows the children to:

-Develop their confidence and personal skills

-Play an active role as a citizen within school and the local community

-Be involved in decision making and problem solving that will have direct impacts on both the school and the community
-To work with a range of adults 
-To understand what democracy means and working together as a team. 


The school council members for this academic year are:

-Grace (Y3M)

-Jay J (Y3M)

-Eliza (Y4/5W)

-Georgia (Y4/5G)

-Isabelle (Y4/5T)

-Daisy (Y6)

-Angel (Y6)


This year, the children will continue to build links with the local community and will regularly visit: Hebburn Helps and Needham Court care home. As well as venturing out into the community, the children will attend regular meetings to discuss how we can continue to improve life at school! We have also set up 'Welcome packs' for EMTRAS and held a worship to raise awareness of refugees, travellers, those who are of ethnic minorities and have asylum backgrounds and how we can support them, here at Jarrow Cross!

In October, some of our School Council attended: Staryland Elections. This was at South Shields Town Hall. The children experienced what it was like to vote: they really enjoyed it!
In November, some of our school council visited the Shoe Box depot to help pack and check shoe boxes before they got shipped off! Within school, we organised a rota to organise who will take our new equipment outside. This equipment for outside was request made by pupils last year to improve our school yard. Last years school council members listened to the needs and wants of our pupils and made things happen. This year, our school council members are responsible for the upkeep and monitoring of the equipment. 
In December, the children helped collect donations for Hebburn Helps, as part of a 'Reverse Advent Calendar'. They then visited Hebburn Helps to deliver the donations and introduced themselves because from after Christmas, the children will be helping out once a month.
In May, we attended Needham Court Care home and played Play Your Cards Right with the residents. We also attended Hebburn Helps.
In June, School Council visited Hebburn Helps to make food parcels for those in need. We discussed the necessity of tinned foods due to the shelf life and we also selected appropriate foods that would maximise the amount of meals that could be made. School Council members thoroughly enjoyed helping out. Angel said "I feel proud because children our age don't normally do things like this and it is a good opportunity." Isabelle also commented saying "I feel really happy that I am getting to help families who aren't as fortunate." 
In July, we attended South Shields Town Hall for a Super Safety Squad meeting. We discussed the biggest fears and pressures children often tend to face. We discussed what a person who has worries, fears or is dealing with various pressures looks like and what we could do as schools to help children. Some of our School Council went to Jarrow to purchase some items to go inside our welcome packs for EMTRAS.