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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Value in Everyone’
Value in Everyone

Year 2


The children have settled into their new classes well and adapting to the Year 2 environment. The children have enjoyed using our new outdoor assault course equipment.

In science, we have been investigating living, non-living and things that were once alive and sorting them. We collected lots of things from the school grounds to look at.

We have been exploring the new areas in our classrooms and playing some turn taking games with our friends.

In PE, we have been exploring ways to travel safely in different directions.


This month, we have learnt the story 'The Papaya that Spoke' using talk for writing. The children used actions and props to help re-tell the story.

We have been learning the map of the world, finding countries and identifying the oceans and seas. As part of our Africa topic, we visited Kirkley Hall Zoo, we had an amazing time! our favourite part of the whole day was seeing the meerkats!

In maths, we have been working with numbers to 100, partitioning into 10's and 1's and using adding and subtraction to solve problems.


November has been an exciting month so far. From food tasting in RE to investigating woodlice habitats in Science, we have definitely had fun whilst learning. After school clubs have returned and many of the children are now enjoying a range of activities on an evening. It is a pleasure to see them socialising and trying new activities. Our favourite lesson so far this month was art when we sketched and painted meerkats.

In maths we have been continuing to develop our understanding of place value and are now in the process of adding and subtracting amounts involving 2-digit numbers. We have used lots of concrete objects and the children are really beginning to make good progress.

This month, the book Meertkat Mail, has been used to support our understanding of verbs, nouns and adjectives. Following the adventures of Sunny the meerkat has allowed us to further our knowledge of pronouns and conjunctions. We discovered that Sunny had made a local visit to South Shields when he sent us some hilarious pictures of himself at local tourist spots – much to our amusement. This helped to inspire our writing of postcards. 


December has been an exciting month and the children have worked hard practicing for their Christmas performance. Although we were unable to have a live audience, the children rehearsed and performed at the highest standard and were proud to reveal the final version of our recorded production. 

As always, December wouldn't be complete without a Christmas party, and WOW the children in Year 2 can move! They danced their socks off and then relaxed with a buffet and Christmas songs in the classroom. We have had lots of fun creating a range of Christmas crafts including a special tree ornament that the children made in D&T. Event the wrapping paper was of their own design by using a paint stamping technique. 

In English, we have used the story Handa's Surprise to learn more about adjectives and past tense verbs. The children loved learning about new and exotic fruits which helped us make links to our science topic. 

In maths, the children began to add two 2-digit numbers together using the column method. After using maths equipment to help us understand this tricky concept, many of the children moved on to using a formal written method. This proved to be quick tricky, but the children tried their best and made excellent progress.  


In January we began the new year with our exciting topic 'Glorious Gardens' with exploring fruit, seeds and plants.

We were inspired by the snowy weather to write some winter poems. 

We enjoyed reading some stories by Beatrix Potter, re-enacted some scenes from Peter Rabbit and wrote some of our own dialogue.

In maths, we have used coins to make amounts using addition, subtraction and subtraction.

During our science lessons we have explored different fruits, identifying seeds with what is the same and what is different then we ate it all afterwards!


Spring is beginning to arrive and the new plants are beginning to show. This is fantastic news for our plant topic. This month we have been inspired by the famous works of Van Gogh. We paid particular attention to his master piece 'Sunflowers' and sketched our own wonderful version in graphite pencil. We then used our artistic flair to create a sunflower inspired design of our own which we decorated in imaginative and creative art materials.


In English, we have been working on acquiring and using subject specific vocabulary. This means we can make our writing more technical and purposeful to the reader. We used our research skills to find out more about common animals and became authors of our very own information texts which included headings and paragraphs. We wrote a non-chronological report about cats and rabbits and ensured we applied our subject specific vocabulary. 


In maths, we learnt about money, how to count money and how to give change. This was really fun as we got to play 'shops' and spend our coins. This unit of maths is quite tricky because we  need to use both addition and subtraction operations but of course the children embraced the role of shop keeper and customer to solve many maths problems. 


In March we explored the text 'Jim and the Beanstalk' and used it as a stimulus for writing. We created story maps to help us sequence and re-tell the story of Jim and his adventures.

We planted sunflower seeds and designed a suitable pot to use by investigating materials and their properties. We took these home to continue taking care of them at home for Mother's Day.

Reverend Gilly came in to school this month to talk about how the Bible is special to her and how she uses it at home and within the community.

We have loved the warmer, dry weather and being able to get outside to use our fantastic new playground equipment on the KS1 yard!