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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Value in Everyone’
Value in Everyone

Year 4/5

In September, during our art lessons, we have focused on the work of Peter Thorpe and have based our work on his style. During the planning process, we explored different painting techniques such as: bubble art, marble ink, flecks/clusters of paint, thick textures (mixing sand within the paint), pointillism and glitter paint! We then chose the techniques that would be most effective. Noah in year 4, reflected on the use of marble ink and explained "Although the marbling technique looks cool, you would barely be able to see it on black card so it wouldn't contrast or stand out like Peter Thorpe's work does."


This term we have been having great fun gaining new knowledge and understanding about Space. In these pictures we were researching the Moon, during a science lesson. Laila in year 5 explained, "I learned about the Moon's craters and that they're visible because Earth has processes, like the rivers and trees, that can erase almost all the evidence of what can happen in the past but the Moon doesn't." 

In October, our computing curriculum involved writing code to make things happen: such as traffic lights going through their colour change cycle; writing a program to show the differences between night and day; and moving a space character in to a rocket, and then sending that rocket off. To create these programs, we used Purple Mash and Scratch 3. The children really enjoyed the challenges this offered them, especially when they were able to debug their coding. Some children are becoming fluent coders and can help other children to achieve success. 


We continued to read the book, Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce, and used this for a stimulus for our writing. We enjoyed this book so much that the children wanted this as our class reader.

In November...

Phew! What a busy month we've had.

We all had a super time at the Centre for Life, where we carried out important STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) investigations. First, we designed an experiment to work out how much fluid a Maximum Absorbency Garment (MAG) could hold. These are worn by astronauts during the time they have a space suit on because they wear them for long hours and can't easily got to the toilet. We had to do careful measuring of the fluid we added to work out our results. We wouldn't want the MAG to fail during a space walk!

Next, we looked at how a robot moves and how this is similar to the robot arm on the International Space Station. It was tricky using all of the levers to control it, but we designed a plan and that helped. Our final investigation in the Space Lab, was to predict what happens to water in a vacuum. We were amazed when it boiled! 

Another exciting experiment was making catapults to fire at targets. 

And we all enjoyed the ice skating! 

In December, we worked extremely hard and created our very own class constellation canvas and they look a-maz-ing! In Maths, we learnt about area and perimeter and carried out many open-ended investigations. Not to forget, we performed our Christmas production: Lets Do A Nativity. 

In January, we launched our Tudor topic and visited the Theatre Royal in Newcastle, for our annual visit to the pantomime, where we watched Beauty and the Beast. In maths, we learnt about multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000 and applied our knowledge to carry out work surrounding conversions of measurement. We carried out some practical work of measuring objects and we even made mocktails/smoothies. 

In February, the Foundation of Light visited school and carried out a workshop with us, discussing the impact sugar has on your body and the importance of exercise (linking in with our Science lessons). In maths, we started our Fractions topic and have been using concrete resources to help with our understanding. In history, we learnt about the Battle of Bosworth and created diary entries and in art, we sketched both flags of the opposing teams!

We also got the entire book collections out from our reading areas, explored books that were there and took out any that weren't appealing. This allowed us to really find out what is available in our reading areas!

In March, we started off the month by visiting Jarrow Library. A member of staff kindly read out a snippet of a story:The Chocolate Factory Mouse. Afterwards, we were given time to loan out a book of our choice!