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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Value in Everyone’
Value in Everyone

Year 5


Our last month in Year 5 is finally here. On June 12th we had our sports day. The weather forecast was not good, but luckily for us the rain held off and we had a brilliant morning earing points for our houses. 


June saw the much awaited Vex Go competition for Year 5G. Two teams went to NIssan in Sunderland to compete against other schools in the North East. One team ended up being 3rd and the other came in 17th out of 24 teams. An amazing result given it was the first time anyone in Jarrow Cross had attended this event. 

Mr Taggart took some children, (some were from Year 6 too) to a sports event at Monkton Stadium, and they also did amazingly well. 

In lessons, we have continued with the book The Girl of Ink and Stars.  The children are loving the mystery of the island and are desperate to find out who 'The Banished' are and if the myth of Yote is not just a story after all? We will finish this book as a class reader as we began a new book at the end of the month called The Dam. 



Another busy month in Year 5. We have continued with the book, The Girl of Ink and Stars. 



This month was one of our favourites as some of us got to dress up for World Book Day, but we all got to go to Sunderland's Academy of Light for a brilliant day of activities to do with reading. This month, in French, we were learning lots of new French words to do with colours and size; we used these words in lots of sentences, both verbal and written.  


We had visitors in school who showed us what happened to our rubbish and we learned all about recycling. We designed zero waste lunch boxes. 

February was also when we could start and get outside for some of our PE lessons again. The game we loved the most was one that we made up together, changing the rules to make it harder to play and also helping to keep us engaged by having something constantly changing. It involved collecting cones of a certain colour but also being able to steal from another team, or giving them a task to do which then meant they couldn't collect cones or steal off other teams. 

In English, we continued to learn about Greek myths and learnt about writing cohesively. 

In Design and technology we used plastic bottles as a base to make a Greek urn we had designed. 


Welcome to a New Year and a new topic of Ancient Greece.



What an amazing start to the month we've had - a French food tasting afternoon! All year groups chose a country from those competing in the World Cup - and we chose France! We tried lots of foods which included pate, madeleines, brioche, croissant, crepes and some very smelly cheeses. Some were even brave enough to try blue cheese! Well done to both England and France for winning their recent matches, but we know who we will be supporting in the next match! Fingers crossed! 


Another fun-filled month in Year 5 this month. In English, we have been developing our skills with narrative, looking at how authors use description, action and dialogue to tell a story. 

In maths, we covered multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000 and linked this to our work on Place Value from September.  We always like to explore links to previous learning in Maths.

Our 1600s topic continued with exploring what The Great Plague was and what impact it had on the people of the time. We looked at a variety of sources, which included Samuel Pepys' diary, a recent comic strip depicting the plague and a hand drawn cartoon from circa 1700. We discussed the validity of the sources and had some exciting and in-depth conversations regarding this. We are certainly loving this topic! 

We were extremely honoured to be invited to sing Christmas Carols for Jarrow town centre Christmas light switch on and we thank you all for coming along to support us. 


What another busy month in Year 5! We have continued with the reading of Fire, Fire by Stuart Hill and have used this as a stimulus for some excellent descriptive writing. We always look for quality over quantity of writing and as such we are focusing on our sentence starters, (ed, ing or ly starting words) use of emotive language, simile, metaphor and ambitious vocabulary.  To help us develop our writing even further, we attended The Children's Bookshow, where the author, Frank Cotrell-Boyce, shared some hilarious stories of his eventful first day at school and what inspires him to write. 

In maths, we have worked exceptionally well to improve our knowledge of addition and subtraction, using rounding to estimate answers to increase accuracy. 

In our history lessons, we have learnt all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot. We examined and investigated historical information about the plot and put on our very own assembly for the whole school. 

And then it was time for robots! We had an amazing day using VEX robots for some STEM activities. We had to design a claw which would pick up a rubber duck and then navigate a course set out on the floor by writing code on Scratch. It was great fun for all... even the teachers! 

The Careers Fair at Jarrow School was really interesting. We got to hear from people in different industries and ask them questions about their jobs. 

Last, but by no means least, we had a visit from Jaswinder from the North East Sikh Society to help us with our learning about Sikhism. Phew! Well done, Year 5, another triumphant month. 




A very warm welcome to all of the children and parents of the new Year 5 from the Year 5 team. We have had a fantastic start to the year and are all working extremely hard.

In English, we started with a book that was covered by all of the classes here at Jarrow Cross. It was called The Barnabus Project by Terry Fan and we had great fun with some drama activities as well as writing some very detailed predictions and designing our own 'failed' pets. Then it was time to start our new topic which is called The 1600s - Disaster, disease and democracy; We have begun with exploring The Gunpowder Plot where will use some primary and secondary sources to investigate what happened. We have started our novel called Fire, Fire by Stuart Hill, which is all about The Great Fire of London. In maths, we have started the year learning about numbers up to 1,000,000 and exploring the place value of each of the digits. 

We look forward to sharing our work and other news with you all. 

Remember to bring in your reading book and spelling book every day.