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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Value in Everyone’
Value in Everyone

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

The children have had a fabulous first few weeks settling in and exploring their new environment.  We have loved sharing what the children have been up to with Paddington Bear, reading some stories to find out more about him- the children couldn't believe how far Peru is away on the globe, no wonder he was so tired! 


This week we have been drawing our very own Paddington Bear and getting started on our fabulous writing by giving him a special tag, just like in the book, to describe where we would keep him safe.  We have also been brushing up on our art skills by drawing the other side of our face, paying attention to fine details and keeping our features in proportion.  


In maths, we began by recognising and counting objects to 10, ensuring that when we write our numbers, they are formed and sized correctly.  We have had fun practising this using play dough to create each digit. 


In other areas of the classroom we have been building a bridge out of Lego to help The Gingerbread Man cross the river to safety, using boxes to create a house to keep him safe, and using ICT to help us to learn the phonics sounds 'ch' and 'sh'.


We cannot wait to see what the next few weeks has in store for us! 

In October, we conducted a scientific investigation where we placed pine cones in our school yard and observed them throughout the week.  We discovered that the pine cones closed when the weather was rainy and cold and opened again when it was fair and sunny!  We continued to observe signs of autumn and created some autumn art using leaves and conkers. 

In English, we began reading the Gruffalo, then designed and described our very own frightful friend.  In Maths, we began adding numbers to ten and began investigating number patterns to help us to add mentally. 


November was a busy month! We studied The Gunpower Plot to understand why we celebrate bonfire night and linked this to firework safety.  We created our own posters to advise people on how they can look after their pets during bonfire night.  Later in the month, we had a fantastic visit to the library in Jarrow where we listened to a few stories, then chose our very own library book to bring back to school and share with our friends.  We then had another special visit to Jarrow Focus where we watched a theatre animation all about a light bulb princess!


We all got in the Christmas spirit in December on our annual pantomime visit to The Customs House where we watched The Enchanted Snow Globe.  We were lucky enough to have our photo taken with the cast - it was amazing! This warmed us up for our very own nativity in school called 'Snuggle up Stable'.  We have been working so hard to learn our lines and sing beautifully in preparation for our parents to come and watch.  December has been truly magical so far!  We wonder what our naughty elf will do next...

We entered the new year with a bang and began 2024 by starting our new topic all about toys then and now.  We were lucky enough to bring our own choice of toy into school in order to discuss the materials they were made from and compare them to toys in the past.  We discussed reasons why materials of toys have changed over time and whether this was as good for the environment.  We also enjoyed robot programming using VEX 123.  We learnt to control robots using simple commands, then challenged ourselves to plan a route and avoid obstacles in the way - tricky stuff!  We spent a lot of January raising awareness of looking after our planet and to celebrate that, we made some fantastic art work out of recyclable materials!

In February we chose a class poem 'Butterfly Inside' to rehearse infront of the school for World Book Day. The poem told the story of how a caterpillar enters a cocoon and changes to a butterfly. We decided to add actions and expression to the poem to make it more fun and exciting. We continued our topic of toys by reading the story 'Kipper's Toy Box' and creating our own set of instructions to make our very own sock puppet, just like in the story! 

March was a busy month! We began the month visiting the library for the second time this year. The lovely librarian read us a couple of stories then we picked another book to take back to school to make up our class library book collection.  We then had an exciting trip to the cinema at the Vue in Gateshead.  We travelled on the Metro and watched a film called Mary and the Witches Flower which was a Japanese anime movie.  When we got back to school we imagined the storyline was a book and we designed our very own blurb, not giving too much of the story away. It was soon Easter time! In R.E lessons we studied  Holy Week and took part in the school's Easter trail where we were able to see each part of the Easter Story, acted out by our very talented year 6 children.  

April was an action packed month!  We began the month by walking to Jarrow Hall to take part in a work shop. We visited Anglo-Saxon homes, lit a fire and listened to the story of Beowulf, then got to explore the site and meet their resident animals- even an owl! This term we started another exciting new topic - Healthy Hearts and Minds.  This began by us reading a not so healthy book called, 'The Disgusting Sandwich', and we even made our own version- safe to say we had a few windows open that day and we had a visit from Mrs. McBeth who complained she could smell it from her office! From this, we used our senses to write a detailed description of our putrid sandwich! 


This month we also visited The Discovery Museum where we listened to a story we had studied in class called 'Lost in the Toy Museum.'  We then went on a trail to find the old toys in the museum using 'hot' and 'cold' signs to locate them and worked as a team in a tresure hunt, using clues to find mystery toys.  After that we all gathered round and looked at old and new toys- some were even older than Miss Richardson! We then got the opportunity to make our very own toy, a thormatrope, which was an optical illusion. 


The month ended with a mysterious crime happening in our classrooms!  We found such a mess when we came back from break time, as well as some strange looking vegetables. We became detectives and used clues to form suspects, then we interviewed them in detail, summarising who had an alibi and who we though comitted the crime and why - we were certain it was Mr. Taggart!  We then had a good idea. We used recyclables brought from home to form a trap and eventually captured our villain.  To our surprise it was not Mr. Taggart after all, it was an evil pea, a character from the book SuperTato!  We did write a letter of apology to the staff we accused of the crime, hopefully they will forgive us.