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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Value in Everyone’
Value in Everyone


All schools have a responsibility to develop spirituality in children. This is enshrined in both the education reform act 1988 and education (Schools act) in 1992:

‘The curriculum for a maintained school (must be) a balanced and broadly based curriculum which:

(a) promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society; and

 (b) prepares such pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.’

1 Education Reform Act 1988 (c. 40). Part I, Chapter I, Section I (2).


As a church school we are inspected under the SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) framework. As such, it makes judgements on religious education, collective worship, and pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural education in Church of England and Methodist Schools.


What is spirituality?

While we are instructed to promote spirituality and see our community flourish spiritually, it can be a difficult concept to define. At Jarrow Cross Church of England Primary School, we believe that spirituality is about how we understand ourselves and our place in the world, it is about awe and wonder, asking questions, self-reflection, inspiration and being aware of ‘something’ greater than ourselves. At Jarrow Cross we refer to this as ‘glimmer and growth’. We glimmer when we are faced with something that we see or hear and think about how it affects us. Our spirituality grows when we consider the place of ourselves and others in the wider world.

It is:

•           Appreciating what is around you

•           Self-reflection

•           Being still

•           Being observant

•           It can be brought about by encounters with music, love or nature

•           It cannot always be put into words


 How does our school help the community to develop spiritually and allow children and staff to spiritually flourish?

We provide opportunities both in collective worship and beyond and ensure we take time to engage in the moments in class and across school.

One of our main opportunities for developing spiritual development is within Collective Worship. Worship takes place in both the hall and our classrooms. We ensure that by following the model of Gathering, Engaging, Responding and Sending opportunities are given to reflect, be still and appreciate the world around us thus fostering spiritual development.


Across the school day opportunities to continue to develop our spiritual development are ongoing for example:

Use of the Nurture room.  

Forest Schools offers opportunities for awe and wonder and reflection

Use of the reflection garden

Enquiry led RE curriculum

Big question themes for the curriculum

Listening to music and studying pieces or art

Reading stories and poetry which open up the world for us