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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Value in Everyone’
Value in Everyone

World Kindness Day & Anti-Bullying Week (merged)

World Kindness Day/Anti Bullying Week  

This year, we decided to merge the two events because they fit perfectly together.
We wanted to look at how these events can impact ourselves, our school and the wider world.

We decided to focus on 3 areas and their impact:

-Kindness to ourselves

-Kindness to our school community

-Kindness to the wider world: animals

Kindness to ourselves
We discussed and realised that we can often be kinder to others than we are to ourselves. We agreed that we can sometimes be harsh on ourselves and focus on what we can’t do instead of what we can do etc.
In KS1, we drew reflections of ourselves in a mirror and wrote positive qualities about ourselves around them.
In KS2, we were given negative statements and had to write advice which we would give to our friends if they said something negative to us. After we gave lots of positive responses, the teachers informed us that this was advice we could give to ourselves if we were to think negatively about ourselves.


Kindness to our school community
In KS1, we created ‘Personalised Shout Out Poems’ for each other and we all felt so happy after hearing what our peers had to say about us!
In KS2, we thought about our school anti-bullying policy and decided to create our own children’s version. This new policy is now going to be used alongside the school’s policy, be presented to our governors and shared with the local authority!


Kindness to the wider world: animals
Not only is it important to be kind to people, it is equally as important to be kind to animals.  Newcastle Cat & Dog Shelter and the RSPCA sent us photographs and information about some of the animals in their shelters. We created persuasive ‘adopt me pleas’ to encourage the public to adopt them. Our writing will be posted on their social media and their website too! If you would like to read them all, visit our website under: Key information- Curriculum- Curriculum subjects – PSHCE You Me & The World  -Implementation- World Events Covered.