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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
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Value in Everyone

E- Safety

E – Safety at Jarrow Cross

Dear Parents/ Carers,

At Jarrow Cross we take E- Safety (the access of all areas of online technology). In order to keep our children safe at school we have many procedures in place.

Firstly, school has a forensic monitoring system which ensures unwanted content from the internet cannot be accessed on our school computers. We also have an alert system which notifies us of any concerning words, sites etc which anyone in the school community may have tried to access. Furthermore, all school staff complete annual online training regarding how to support our children to be safe online at school and at home.

Online safety is also built into our curriculum as the children are taught at an age appropriate level how to keep themselves safe on the internet and also very importantly whist using social media platforms at home.

With this in mind each week we will be sending out an E- Safety bulletin via DOJO and the website containing important information for parents. For example this may be about about a particular social media platform, social media trend or even an X Box or Playstation Game.

This week the information is about Tik Tok. You will find this document in the Parents  Section  of the website under the E- Safety Category. I hope you find this helpful.

Kind Regards,

Mrs McBeth