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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Value in Everyone’
Value in Everyone

Letter to Children from Mrs McBeth 3.7.20

                                                                                                    Friday 3rd July 2020



To the Children of Jarrow Cross,


Well the weather certainly hasn’t been that good this week has it? I hope you have all managed to keep yourselves busy.


I hope you have been taking part in the daily challenges. We have been doing that in school and there has certainly been some very tired children and teachers.


We finally got the news yesterday that all children can return to school in September. We are delighted and can’t wait to see you all. I hope you all feel the same! Things will be a little bit different, you may start school and leave school at a different time than normal but don’t worry it will all be sorted out and you will know what is happening before the summer holidays.


Also when you all come back in September for the first two weeks you will all go back to your old classes and teachers. This will be lovely as you will have time to see all of your friends again and get used to being back at school. During that two weeks you will also get to meet your new teacher, before moving onto your new class properly.


Next week all of your reports will be handed out. If you haven’t been at school, you will find a postcard from your teacher with a nice message. I hope you enjoy reading it.


Have a lovely weekend. I hope the sun keeps shining. Remember BE KIND and look after each other.



Take care,

Mrs McBeth