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  • Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School
‘Value in Everyone’
Value in Everyone

Letter to Children from Mrs McBeth 5.6.20

                                                                                                    Friday 5th June 2020



To the Children of Jarrow Cross,


I hope you are all well and keeping busy. I’m guessing that you will have been doing a lot of inside activities over the last few days. Did you see the hailstones this morning! I hope you didn’t get caught in it.


Have you managed to see some more of your family members over the last week? I was able to visit my Mam and Dad last week, we sat in the garden together for the first time since lockdown began it was lovely.


This week all of the teachers have been busy getting ready for some of you coming back to school. They have all said how much they have enjoyed seeing and hearing what you have been up too. So keep sending your photographs to the Distance Learning email account.


Those of you who are coming back to school we can’t wait to see you. For the moment you might want to start thinking about things you would like to tell us about for example  any nice things that you have been doing or any worries that you may have about coming back. If you are worried why don’t you send your teacher an email and they will get in touch with you to have a chat.


For those of you who are not coming back to school yet nothing will change, your weekly plans will still be on the website and school APP each Monday morning for you to work through.


Have a lovely weekend. Remember BE KIND and look after each other.


Take care,

Mrs McBeth